About Us

So you've probably stumbled across this blog somehow, maybe by searching for "misleading graphs" or some weird combination of words. That's OK! We're glad to have you here.

Here at Downwards Compatible, we talk about pop culture with an eye to the past. We try and figure out what worked or was successful in the past, and then we put that in a current context.

I'm a huge fan of Nintendo's, so you'll see a lot of Nintendo-related articles here. I've also been highly critical of Activision's misuse of Guitar Hero, and I've laughed at people who hate on things just because it's fashionable to do so. I'm highly critical of digital distribution unless it's good for the customer.

I also love sports, so you'll see a lot of articles about baseball and football. If you don't like sports, I apologize. Just skip over those articles and you can pretend they're not there.

You'll also find a long series of articles all about my adventures trying to learn programming and make my own game. From time to time, I talk about games, music or movies that I feel are Criminally Overlooked, too.

We've started playing every NES game in a feature called NES Replay. Yeah, every single one. It's a long road ahead.

If you want to see some articles to start with, here are a few that you might like:

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Need to contact us for some reason? Email us at lee (at) That should do it.