Wednesday, June 7, 2006


So, I have made an important, life-altering decision. Not really.

I'm going to trade my Playstation 2 for a Nintendo DS.

Now, before some of you start pointing at me and laughing, let me tell you why. First, my PS2 hasn't been getting any use now that my computer is back up and running. I'm having such a great time with Morrowind, Evil Genius, Rise of Nations, and Knights of the Old Republic that I really can't be bothered to play all the great games I have for my PS2 as well.

Second, a lot of the games that I have can be played on a PS1, which can be easily found for $20. I am notoriously cheap.

In conjunction with the previous point, by getting rid of my PS2 NOW, I am able to make more money and get more value in a trade. Then, when the PS2 drops in price, I can get it again. It's a simple buy low/sell high thing.

Plus, and this cannot be overstated, I'm really jazzed about the current DS lineup, especially New Super Mario Bros. I have waited for Nintendo to just make another Mario game for the past, oh, I don't know, 15 years. Now that they have, I'm beside myself. Having played it, it has me begging for more. I'm really intrigued by the wireless multiplayer for games like Animal Crossing and Mario Kart (even though I suck at Mario Kart). Age Of Empires II is turn-based, which makes me giddy with glee. Kirby: Canvas Curse is a new Kirby game, and I'm an absolute sucker for Kirby games (pun not intended).

So, Godspeed, PS2. We shall meet again, I promise.

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