Monday, January 22, 2007

I Pick Poorly, Plus Boo Gamecube

It was obvious, wasn't it?

Obvious that you should NEVER, EVER listen to my picks.

The Saints should have won that game. They gave it away over and over again.

The Patriots had nothing left in the tank at the end, but they were up at the half. I mean, come on!

So, now it's Colts versus the Bears in Super Bowl XLI (I know I said XL in my last column, but that was a lie), and I look like an idiot. That's okay, though.

More on this topic later this week.

In the meantime, I just borrowed my friend's Gamecube. It's passable. I mean, I'm not enthralled and wetting myself. I'll probably play some Metroid Prime, and Zelda: Wind Wanker looks okay, and I love Smash Brothers Melee, but I've got just as many games for my PS2 that are just as good. Plus, I have a ton more games that I want for it.

I'm glad I got the Gamecube bug out of my system, though. I might have otherwise wasted money getting one otherwise. Not that it's a bad system by any means, but there is so little that I have any desire to play, and there's only a few games for it that I can't get for my PS2, like Metroid, Mario, and Zelda.

Now, of those games, I don't like Zelda games, the newer Mario games do nothing for me, Killer 7 and Eternal Darkness don't tickle my fancy, and as far as games like Chrystal Chronicles, I've played approximately 300 action RPGs, and Dawn of Mana is on it's way for the PS2, so why should I bother? It's light on RPGs, my personal favorite genre, all that it has for platformers is Mario and a few other scattered games, I mean, why should I bother?

To illustrate, let's say you're going to go out to eat. You can either get a really good steak, or the buffet that has steak as well. Maybe not as good, but it's still steak. Plus, if you pick the buffet, you get mashed potatoes, green beans, unlimited drinks, and dessert, not to mention the other buffet items, like pizza, chicken, macaroni and cheese, and whatever all else they put in buffets nowadays. What will you pick?

The Gamecube is really good steak. It's good when you're playing it, but you're not getting any more. No variety. The PS2 is the buffet. You're getting a whole lot more choice, and most of it is just as good, if not better.

I'll keep my PS2, and take the buffet, thank you very much.

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