Sunday, December 2, 2007

BCS Big Surprise: Ohio St. Vs. LSU

What a shock. Ohio State against LSU.

You know, why do they even play the games? Why not just cut out all the other stuff and just schedule the national championship game at the beginning of the season? I mean, if you just pick from a pool of about five or six teams, you should be okay, right?

This is why college football is idiotic. In the NFL, you can have a Cinderella team. In baseball, a team can come out of nowhere and surprise you. College basketball routinely has teams that you would never expect out of so-called "weak" conferences stun more supposedly sound teams. Why can't this happen in college football?

I'll tell you why: The ridiculous poll system. Ask me which teams are the best in the NFL, and right now, it's pretty obvious. The Patriots and the Cowboys. However, that's no guarantee that they'll play in the Super Bowl. In college, it would be a foregone conclusion. Any other team would have no chance.

How difficult is it to have an eight-team playoff, with the bowls still in place at the beginning of the next year? Think of all the revenue. No one is losing bowl games. I mean, it's not like the Century One Bowl is going anywhere anyways.

Sorry for this rambling post, but this just really frosts my biscuits. I can't stand college football for this reason.

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