Monday, December 3, 2007

Mark Murphy Named Packers President

I'm cautiously optimistic about this move. Murphy's had some success at Northwestern, and it could go really well.

I've often said, and history bears this out, that the guy who's at the top of the team is the most important. You can pick different coaches, GMs, or players, but it won't matter if the guy at the top is incompetent.

I hate to pick on the Bengals, but look at their record of futility for the past 15 years. Then they went out and got Marvin Lewis and starting turning around the program. They could only get so far, though, until they started crashing and burning like they are this year. The guy at the top never changed.

Look at the Brewers. They brought every manager and GM they could think of on board, and were consistently losers. Then, Mark Attanasio buys the team. Now, they're winners, even with a manager who makes some dumb decisions from time to time.

(Note to Ned Yost: Situational relievers are just that, situational. Don't use them all the time. Also, don't pitch Derrick Turnbow in pressure situations. Thanks.)

Look at teams all around sports. The Arizona Cardinals lose all the time. The Bidwills have owned the team the whole time.

The 49ers were consistent winners under Eddie DeBartolo. Then the Yorks take the team. Now they lose, no matter who the coach is, or which players they have.

That's why this story is so important. If Murphy stumbles, everything that's being built could fall apart so quickly. If Murphy decides he wants "his guy" in there and gets rid of Ted Thompson (I hope not), it could be an absolute disaster.

We at the Leaderboard (meaning me) will be keeping a really close eye on Murphy to see how he handles himself. Here's hoping things work out.

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