Monday, March 30, 2009

Kind Of Mad At Kotaku

So, I'm looking at Kotaku, and there's an article about Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings with new screenshots. It's coupled with this statement:
Ordinarily I'd look at these Wii screenshots and think, it doesn't look like much (get those spiders!) but it'll probably look great on the core consoles. Then I remember it's not being made for them.
Can we just drop this already? It's people like this that make core gamers so annoying. Instead of being excited for a new Indiana Jones game, they're upset that it didn't come out for "their" console. This is why core gamers are becoming less and less important as time goes by. We can't get out of our own way. We're way too concerned with what comes out for which system instead of just enjoying the stupid games. I don't blame companies for running away from us.


  1. I know what your saying and I understand your point. But on the flip side why shouldn't we have edjucated opinions? If the game looks bad because the Wii is grossly underpowered(and lets face it-it is) then why wouldn't someone be dissapointed!?! Exclusives are always going to be one of the backbones to a successful buisness model, so we will always have to endure someones whining about not getting some game. But if a game suffers from needles limitations on one platform, it makes a lot of sense for Gamers(regardless of fandom) to gripe... The day that we meekly accept what is placed before us regardless of quality, is the day that gaming dies.

  2. No it isn't. Slippery Slope Fallacy:

    Look, the problem isn't that it's coming out just for one console. That happens all the time. No, the problem lies with the fact that they're whining because it's coming out for the Wii. If it was a 360 exclusive, there would dancing in the streets, singing in the halls, and necking in the parlors. However, just because it's for the Wii, they're pouting and making angry faces.

    Besides, it's not the job of a reporter to present opinion along with the report! That's what Fox News is getting raked over the coals for! For instance, I'm not reporting the news. I'm a commentator. If I was reporting the news, I would have to have a neutral voice.

    Argh. Don't get me started. This is going to turn into a blog post.

  3. Kotaku isn't a news reporting site in the truest sense. Ever notice how they LINK TO NEWS SITES after their commentary. Much like Penny Arcade, people go there not just for news, but also for opinions, impressions, and community. Personaly I think you took his post out of context, the rest reads: "Coupled with the gameplay footage - I know this is a third person action game, but it looks like it strings together a bunch of minigames sorta like a rail shooter (rail-whipper? guided-first person experience?) would. It's also up for the PS2, PSP and DS, and I'm a big Indiana Jones fan, but not enough to buy a PS2 for this one."
    Even though I am very immpressed that you know how to work a hyper link, someone writing something on the internet does not make it true, you and me included!
    "just because it's for the Wii, they're pouting and making angry faces." Really!?! How do you figure? Nobody said that! I only see one person complaining, and it seems to be because someone pointed out the limitations of a system he apparently likes? Maybe not, but thats what it looks like.

  4. Yeh right on! screw core gamers right? they stopped being important with the wii you know. who are they to complain with their decads of support&making video games bigger than music or movies right? thay dont matter even if they spend more mony & buy more games then anybody else right! how dare anybody complain just be happy you even get to play a game. sheesh bunch of ingrats what do they think this is america/a consumer driven market?

  5. Well, Badman, if you had read the article as well as other articles about the new Indiana Jones game, you would see that they are decidedly against this new version. Here's another quote:

    "And those wishing this game was instead coming out on 360, PS3 and/or PC? Join us in making sad, frowny faces in the general direction of Lucasarts HQ."

    So I'm not complaining about people pointing out the limitations of a given system. I'm saying that maybe, just maybe, the game may be good despite what people seem predisposed to believe. They're basing these presuppositions on some gameplay footage that shows waggle controls and some screenshots. It drives me up the wall.


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