Thursday, April 9, 2009

Great Episode of Lost + Baseball's Back

Okay, so I've been trying to contain my excitement, but I can't anymore...BASEBALL'S BACK! Last night, the Brewers were up against the venerable Randy Johnson, and he was in great control, getting strikeout after strikeout in the first couple of innings. Then, Mike Cameron cracked a home run and all of a sudden the Big Unit looked vulnerable.

I stopped watching when Yovani Gallardo (Yovani Gallardo!) hit a homer in the 5th. They intentionally walked Jason Kendall to get to him. Good choice, Giants. Brewers won, 4-2.

Get used to these baseball updates. I'm probably going to be doing this throughout the season, like it or not.

So, Lost.

Michael Emerson is a great actor. He plays Ben, the man who always seems in control no matter how bad the situation. The frustrating thing is, he usually is in control. He always has people right where he wants them, so it's great to see him totally out of control like he was in last night's episode.

Ben has now been forced to accept that John Locke is his new leader. How will he react? Will a man who is a known manipulator and liar be content with sitting in a No. 2 role? He's used to getting his own way. Is he going to want his decisions filtered through someone wiser than he? We're heading into some great territory here, and I can't wait.

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