Thursday, April 30, 2009

"In three to five years [the PS3] will become dominant on the market."

So speaketh outgoing Sony exec David Reeves.  Here's another tidbit:

"The legacy will be that people will see a tortoise and hare situation. In a way, in the end it will be a dead heat."

It would be an interesting thing if that would happen.  The PS3 is definitely heating up (and not in a RROD way either), but there's still the major problem that Sony doesn't seem to care about:  Price.

Regular readers of this site will note the poll on the side of the site that indicates that the PS3 should be my next system.  I would be okay with that, but for me to track down a PS3 that has PS2 BC and that WON'T cost me an arm and a leg isn't an exciting prospect.  In other words, I would really love a PS3 if I didn't have to pay so much for it.

Like all things in life, everything's better when you don't have to pay as much for it, but there has to be some balance between the cost of a system and how much fun it is.  Right now, I'm in the same boat as a lot of consumers:  My Wii is still fun, so why should I go out and spend upwards of $500 on something that's not going to appreciably improve my situation?  If I buy a used one, who knows what issues I'll have with it.  There's always that risk with anything used.  If I buy a new one, I don't get to play any of the PS2 games that I want.  How can I justify that purchase?

So, David, I appreciate the sentiment, and I do wish Sony the best.  I want them to be in a good position in the market because I loved my PS2.  But on your way out the door, can you just quickly drop the prices on the PS3?  I mean, what are they gonna do, fire you?

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