Monday, May 11, 2009

How I Spent My Two Week Vacation (From This Blog)

With my time off from this blog, I got a lot done. I finished writing up two reviews for the Crystal Chronicles games that just came out for DS and Wii. I started a new draft of my screenplay, re-started my novel "Gunman" and started a new novel called "2519." How many of these projects will get finished? Probably zero, but it's always important to have projects gestating, even if none of them come to full term.

I also got some good quality gaming in. I have been very much enjoying MLB Dugout Heroes so far. I'll have a breakdown of what works and what doesn't later on in the week.

Now that I've learned to not overthink the series, I've also been going back into the vault for more Zelda action. I returned to Zelda: Minish Cap for the GBA. Last time I played, I got through the first dungeon and had a capital time. It was great! I loved it! Then I tried finding the second dungeon and became hopelessly, hopelessly lost.

I almost had the same thing happen again this time around. I followed the cues to get over to the Mountains, but along the way I was supposed to get my first jar in order to continue. One of those little Deku Scrubs told me to go see his friend who lives in a cave at the bottom of the hill.

At the bottom of the hill, there's a very obvious ladder that leads down into a cave. Easy enough, I thought. I walk into the cave, look to my left and see a very large boulder that I can't move, along with some glowing marks on the floor. I instantly became obsessed over the boulder. I tried using my Gust Jar on it, bombing it, pulling it, walking up to it and hitting it with a sword, rubbing every single object in my inventory against it.

At this point I became despondent. My mind started racing. "Okay, so I need to find a tool that will move the boulder so that I can get into the cave. Where could it be? No one told me about this." I ran all around the map to try and find some clue, but none were forthcoming.

Then, I realized something. I walked back into the cave and looked to the right. There was a very obvious passageway that needed to be blown up with a bomb in order to allow me to pass. I walked in, and there was a Deku Scrub that was willing to sell me a jar. Easy enough.

So far, I haven't consulted any FAQs, and I'm going to try not to. I shouldn't have to. Minish Cap should not be that hard. Other people have been able to beat it, so why can't I?

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