Monday, May 18, 2009

PS3 Slim Shots Hit With Cease and Desist

About a week ago, shots hit the intarwebs of a new PS3 Slim. Sony, of course, has denied it, but now they've also slapped Engadget Japan with a cease-and-desist, asking them to take down the shots.

If this is Sony's big reveal for E3, I'll bet Sony is furious. However, this opens more speculation: Is Sony going to drop prices on the current PS3 SKUs? With the new rebranding that puts the PS3 logo closer to the PS2 logo, does that mean that PS2 downwards compatibility is back on the table? I hope the answers to both questions are "Yes."

In other news, I got to play MLB The Show 09 this past weekend for a bit. Now I want a PS3 all over again. I hate you, Sony.

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