Monday, July 13, 2009

Warner Bros Owns Midway, But Where Will Midway Go?

According to this Joystiq article, the Midway name is now owned by Warner Bros. along with their assets.  So here's the question:  What happens to Midway?  What should happen?

My thought is that Midway is now pretty much poison.  If you say that a game is a Midway game, it's guaranteed to be crap.  Here's what I say:  Drop it.  Get it out of there.  All Warner Bros. really needed was Mortal Kombat and the manpower to make the games.  Do you really want the stench of death surrounding future games?  It's like naming your child "Mussolini."  You're guaranteeing that everyone will prejudge the poor thing before it even has a chance.  Same with Midway:  If you keep the Midway name, most people will dismiss future games out of hand.  It makes no sense, and they don't need the name anyway.

Another thought:  Spin off the name into the small, light development studios people are using now for iPhone games.  It builds a rep, and maybe someday they can use it again.

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