Thursday, August 20, 2009

Once Again, Penny Arcade Explains It All

I like what they say about the PS3 here:

Reporters can't seem to decide if the three hundred dollar PS3 Slim is awesome or too awesome, when it's actually a barbed black crown of shame, and that's more or less the end of the discussion. It can't be seen as anything but a concession to a market that has consistently chosen their competitor's products - an act of contrition, the purest evidence possible that this brand is no longer sufficient to sway consumers.  There is an optional stand available that allows you to stand the system vertically, on its side - making the system a literal tombstone, as well as a figurative one.

It's a little harsh, but I get his point.  The Slim looks awesome, yes.  I'll probably get one once my nerd rage over lack of PS2 support dies down.  (I mean, seriously, how could you screw that up!  You have a library of HUNDREDS of great games that you just THROW OUT THE WINDOW?  I'm hyperventilating.)  But all of it was in response to Sony making some questionable, somewhat defensible but ultimately wrong decisions.

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