Saturday, September 26, 2009

End of the Decade

I'm pretty excited.  We're coming up on the end of the 00's, and that means we're going to see a lot of "end-of-the-decade" lists.  There's no exception here.  I'm going to be busting out the best music of the decade, the best games of the decade, and talking about how much has changed and how much is the same.

One thing that I want to emphasize is how much the gaming landscape has changed.  The difference between 1980 and 1989 was just a matter of graphics.  The same basic types of games were in their primitive forms in 1980, and 1989 just say those forms perfected.  1990 to 1999 saw the beginnings of 3-D, and that was a seismic shift in gaming, but the revolution wasn't totally perfected yet.

Now?  All bets are off.  We'll talk it about it coming up soon.

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