Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I Know Sometimes I Rag On Kotaku Readers...

I know sometimes I rag on Kotaku readers, but in this case I have to hand it to them for a job well-done.  This article just came up, which talks about Nintendo's commanding lead among female gamers.  I knew I had to read the comments on this one, since I thought I could pull out some choice comments to mock.  Instead, I ran across this exchange, which happened after someone talked about Nintendo widening their fanbase:

I imagine that if they put in some theatre production in football, it would also widen their fanbase. I imagine if the Resident Evil movies had an angst filled teenage love story, it would widen the fanbase.
The number one goal should not be to "widen" fanbase at the cost of alienating their existing fanbase.

That was what I expected the comments to be filled with, but here was the rebuttal:

*shrugs* its not like nintendo has stopped making their classic franchise games. this gen has seen some fine examples if not some of the best of what theyve been doing for the past 20 years.
i see no crime in only adding to their portfolio, even if the new additions are aimed at a different audience.
your complaint would be the same as kids complaining about cartoon network debuting adult swim because the cartoons werent aimed at them.
its a business, not a hobby.

Good work, folks.  It's about time that people start realizing that they're NOT abandoning their bread-and-butter audience, but trying to get a bigger base that will ensure their survival into the 21st century and beyond.  I have nothing else to add.

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