Thursday, December 10, 2009

Music Thoughts

A few thoughts about music on a blustery Wisconsin day:

- Dirty Projectors' "Bitte Orca" is getting thrown around as an Album of the Year candidate, and I can see why.  First, it has two girls in the band, which turns it into indie catnip.  Second, if you "appreciate" Dirty Projectors, you now have intellectual cred and can sniff at people while explaining that they don't "get" it.  Look, Dirty Projectors has a lot of interesting ideas, but ideas do not a song make.  You need a lot more, like melodies and tunes that are pleasing to the ear.  If you don't have that, then you're just showing off what you know.

- It took me several years, but I finally get Beck's "The Information."  I'm one of the biggest Beck fans around, but I felt really let down by "The Information."  It felt too cold and clinical, just like a pure stream of information.  All the beats, absurdist lyrics and hooks were there, but they didn't add up right.  Usually, what happens is that one song brings me around to a band or an album.  For Animal Collective's "Merriwether Post Pavilion" it was "Lion In A Coma."  For Sleater-Kinney it was "One Song For You."  For "The Information," that song was a live version of "Nausea" that sounded fantastic.  The rest of the album fell into place shortly thereafter.  I still think you could cut out a few songs and make it a much tighter album, but I enjoy it now.

- Speaking of Animal Collective, couldn't they have picked a better song to open their album?  For someone unfamiliar with them, it sounds like a circus on meth and is really offputting.  Just a suggestion, guys.

- My favorite album of the 00's?  The Walkmen's "You and Me."

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