Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Great News About the DS

I was all set with an article warning about the impending end of the DS' dominance, even after such a great 2009.  It was going to be all doom and gloom and why Nintendo needed to put out a new DS soon, and lo and behold, here's some info from Gizmodo:
Upgrading the 256 x 192 DS, the next DS incarnation—after the DSi XL—will have a 1024 x 768 screen according to several sites, which is very close to a decent 720p res.
WHEEEEEE!  This is my main complaint.  Games like Spirit Tracks look really long-in-the-tooth compared to other games for the system.  It seems like the DS is almost regressing, actually.  Plus, in order to put a real end to piracy, it may be the best move for them.

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