Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday Night Insanity! Plus, Scott Rolen to the Crew?

What a game last night! I didn't tune until late because I assumed it was going to be a blowout. Fortunately, I caught before it ended, and it said the Patriots were behind.

I caught the last 3 1/2 minutes, and let me tell you, what a wild finish. It was clear that the Patriots were blocking their hearts out, but the Ravens were just putting on too much pressure. Still, Tom Brady stood in there and took the hits, made his reads, and won it. Incredible work, after which Bart Scott flipped out and added 30 yards of penalties. He looked like he was going to cry on the sidelines.

But that's not all. On the ensuing drive, Boller was pushing his team down the field as best he could, and finally, on the last play, threw a 52-yard Hail Mary. He was practically running as he threw it. Mark Clayton caught it on the 2-yard line. I mean, that's a finish like the Titans/Rams Super Bowl. Just a great game.

On to Scott Rolen. The Cardinals want to move Rolen, and they're very interested in Chris Capuano. It wouldn't be a bad trade, as they can put Rolen at third and move Braun to left field, where his defensive shortcomings won't be quite as apparent.

If they move Cappy, here's what I think their rotation will look like next year:

1. Sheets
2. Gallardo
3. Suppan
4. Villanueva
5. Vargas

Not a bad rotation. Not amazing, but you still have Manny Parra sitting there if you need him. Plus, Gallardo is a huge upgrade over Capuano. It wouldn't be a bad trade, and it would shore up a position of need. I hope it works out.

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