Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, Which System Should I Get Next

I have a Wii, a DS and a PC. I'm trying to decide on my next system, and there's benefits and drawbacks to my options. I turn to my readers, the ↓C Krew, to help me pick which would be the best fit for me. My three options are the PS2, the XBox 360, and the PS3.


Benefits: Cheap quality games. Has MLB the Show on it. Lots of RPGs.

Drawbacks: No new games coming out. Doesn't display in widescreen, rendering my HDTV pretty much useless.

XBox 360:

Benefits: Great graphics that will show off my TV. Getting Final Fantasy XIII. Viva Pinata for my wife.

Drawbacks: High hardware failures. Not enough games that I want.


Benefits: Great graphics that will show off my TV. Has MLB the Show. Cool content like PixelJunk Eden, Flower and Noby Noby Boy, as well as the upcoming Katamari Damacy remake.

Drawbacks: Price. Also, price. Not enough games to justify exobitant price. Also is very expensive. Some games have mandatory installs.


I'm leaning toward a PS2, but the whole widescreen thing really bothers me. It's painful to play Gamecube games on my TV for that reason. What say you, ↓Cers?

UPDATE: I'm changing the poll on the right side to reflect this question. Have at it!


  1. If you're into Blu-Ray at all (which I recommend if you're trying to get the most out of your HDTV), then I recommend the PS3. It's one of the better Blu-Ray players, and it can play all those PS3 games that you want.

    However, if at all possible, try to get one of the discontinued 60gb models on ebay (or wherever). That way you can also play almost all of the PS2 library as well.

    By the way, there are some PS2 games that can display in widescreen... just not enough.

  2. See, that would be ideal. I've got an HDTV, and I'd love the downwards compatibility. I'd love that, but those are getting harder to find.

  3. I got EXTREMELY lucky a couple of years ago. Found one, brand-new and sealed, on ebay for about $300 with less than one minute on the clock. I wish you luck with finding one at all. Maybe check Craigslist as well?

  4. Thanks for the advice! I'll keep that all in mind!


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