Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MLB Dugout Heroes Impressions

After playing two games in MLB Dugout Heroes, I have to say I'm mildly intrigued.  I was hoping it would be more like Cal Ripken's Real Baseball, where you'd make a player and have him run through his motions, but controlling a whole team is fun too.

So far, I'm finding out that people, especially lower-level ones, have difficulty learning how to control their pitches.  I had a game where I walked in several runs.  I won one game 11-0 when the computer evoked a mercy rule.  Now, I've been playing baseball games for a while so I have a half-way decent eye for pitches, but I have a tendency to swing at junk an awful lot.  So, the fact that I'm winning so well on lower levels bodes well for me.

However, I'm not going to be able to play anymore.  Why?  MY FREAKING COMPUTER DIED!  I don't know if it was my ethernet card or what, but first my processor overheated, and now the internet doesn't work.  I'm going to try an OS reinstall and see if that fixes the card, and if not I have to go out and get another card.  Fun.

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