Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Super Mario Galaxy Goal

Last year when I was out of work, I made it my goal to get 120 stars in Super Mario Galaxy.  I thought it would be nigh-impossible, and very nearly gave up around 90, thinking that I had done pretty darn good.  I kept going after a fashion and stalled out for the past couple of months at 113, thinking that it was as far as I was going to get.  I picked it back up just yesterday after being inspired by the Mario Marathon, and I'm now within sniffing distance of 120.  I am currently residing at 116 stars, with my only ones left being those awful, awful Purple Coin challenges.  Of course, then I unlock Luigi and have to do it all over again, but I'm starting to grit my teeth and bear down on the final ones.

With any luck, I'll have gotten all the stars in the game by the time Galaxy 2 comes out.  I'll keep you posted on when (or if) I accomplish my deed.

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