Thursday, February 26, 2009

Finally Back Into Lost

I had heard some good things about Lost recently. I heard that they were finally moving the story forward, and the fact that the show now has an endpoint intrigued me. The trouble was, I couldn't get my wife to watch it with me. A couple of days ago, we were channel surfing and I happened upon Lost in HD. I stopped to admire how it looked in HD, and something happened along the way.

My wife kept asking me, "Who's that? Why are they doing that? What are they doing there?" I would plainly confess that I didn't know, and I kept on bringing up the fact that she was the one who got tired of it and didn't want to watch. My lovely wife got intrigued, and now we're plowing through Season 3 en route to Season 4. I'm actually really psyched, because we're seeing some really great stuff and we don't have to wait a week between each episode.

The more I watch, the more theories I'll have. Stay tuned.

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