Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bucks Lose Lottery...But Did They Win Something Else?

The Bucks, obviously, lost the lottery, ending up with the sixth pick. You know what, though? I'm happy.

I mean, think about it. They might have gotten Greg Oden. Why would they get Oden when they have Bogut? It would be redundant, and what do you do with Bogut? He doesn't like playing out of position, and he was coming on before the team started falling apart (thanks, Terry Stotts).

Would they have gotten Kevin Durant? Yeah, it's possible. But it's far more likely that they would pick Oden over Durant just because they like Oden better.

However, I just saw a mock draft that had them picking Joakim Noah. That would be an absolutely perfect pick. Think about it: A defensive presence on a team sorely lacking one? It's perfect.

Gotta go. Just think about it.

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