Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sean Taylor Dead at 24

This was way out of left field.

Does anyone else feel guilty for hearing that it was Sean Taylor and going, "Well, no surprise there." By all accounts, he was turning his life around and trying to make things right. He leaves behind a fiancee and a little girl.

I don't think there's really a precedent for this: A young All-Pro with his career ahead of him on a prominent team dies in the middle of the season suddenly and tragically. The closest thing I can think of is Len Bias, but that was before the season, so it doesn't really compare.

Anyway, the 24-hour news cycle will move on, and people will get tired of this story by next week Sunday, complaining, "Enough already! So he died! Big deal!" But the family and friends of Sean Taylor will never be able to move on that way. My condolences go out to the family and friends of Sean Taylor.

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