Saturday, December 1, 2007

Exciting Closer News

So, the Brewers might be getting a closer after all.

Joe Nathan would be a great choice. Nathan has demonstrated that he's awesome at the job. If he was in New York or Boston, you would know the name. He had 37 saves, a full one point lower ERA, a higher save conversion rate (37 of 41, compared to Cordero's 44 of 51) and a 1.03 WHIP, compared to Cordero's 1.14.

I really hope this gets done.

In other news, I've finally softened about the Packer game. They just weren't as talented. All the calls that went against them stunk, to be sure, and would have definitely changed the makeup of the game had they gone the other way. But the Cowboys are a power in the NFC yet, and the Packers are really young.

However, if I were the Oakland Raiders, I would be scared. The Packers felt they had this one stolen from them, and they have a week and a half to ruminate on it and get angrier and angrier. They're going to be healthy and furious, which is a great combination.

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