Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nintendo's GDC Presentation Impressions

Now that I've had a day to digest Nintendo's GDC presentation, I have a few thoughts about it. You can read a really good roundup here.

- I love how Miyamoto works. I always like getting glimpses into the minds of brilliant people and finding out what they do and how they do it. In this case, how he'll kidnap a random Nintendo employee, shove a controller in their hand and have them play a game. While it has to be weird playing a game in front of Miyamoto, it sounds pretty cool.

- I'm excited about the SD Card channel. I downloaded the update last night, and I'm going to get an SD card today to test it all out. So far, early results are fantastic: There's more space and VC games load faster by several seconds.

- Good call on Zelda: Spirit Tracks. The Zelda franchise has needed some upending for a bit, and this mechanic may be a great new way to experience the game. Even though I'm not a huge Zelda fan, it's still cool to see. Can we just please not have a forced, timed stealth section after every dungeon this time around? Thanks.

- Now the bad news: Where are the Wii games? Rock & Roll Climber looks interesting, but I'm talking core games. I'm not talking about more VC games, or adding a game like Gaplus, even though that's cool. I'm talking bonafide content. I know they're working on stuff. They have to be. So where is it?

They've made some concessions to the core audience by putting in things that they've been clamoring for for a while, like added storage space. I'm as patient as anyone. I'll defend Nintendo's decisions with the Wii for a long time, and in a future article, I will do so. But you have to throw me a bone here, Nintendo. Help me help you.


  1. Despite their being my favorite company, I have a serious issue with Nintendo's chosen direction this Generation. That being said, even if they are TRYING to piss off hardcore gamers, there must be something comeing down the pipe! I'll assume they are waiting until E3, or TGS to show us what is truely up their sleeves.

  2. BTW, they don't really use TGS much. I just learned that today. They made an appearance back in 2006 to show off the Wiimote and that's pretty much it.


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