Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who Needs Hi-Def?

God, I hate being right on things.  It gets so old after a while, you know?

There's an interview with a guy from Epic at Joystiq where he talks about the next Playstation or XBox.  Here's the money quote:

"Over half the users who played Gears of War 2 so far do not have HDTVs[...]My point is, of the systems that are out there now, the majority of them aren't plugged into HDTVs. So there's no way we're ready for the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox Whatever," Rein said.

I find it interesting to hear this.  You assume that if someone has a high-def next gen system they have it run through an HDTV, but that's not always the case.  In other words, their TVs aren't taking full advantage of the graphical capability of the system, right?  That's what a developer from Epic is basically saying, correct?  I just find this interesting:  Gears 2 is a supposedly core game and it's not being played in the way that the core claim that they play games.

So why is it that the Wii ABSOLUTELY MUST release an HD version or perish?  To hear places like GamesRadar talk about it, it's the worst thing EVER that the Wii doesn't have it available, but the dirty secret is that even the hardcore aren't USING it!  In the meantime, they demand that the Wii give them more graphical fidelity than their TVs can actually handle, and I sit over here being right and clucking my tongue at them.

Being right hurts so much sometimes.

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