Monday, July 13, 2009

Played Through Trine: Whew!

I'm going to have a review going up in less than a week for Trine, but suffice to say, it's really good.

It's easy to see why physics-based gameplay is becoming such a big deal. There's something awesome about materializing and dropping a heavy block on a skeleton, or swinging through a jungle, leaping into the air and unleashing a barrage of arrows on an unsuspecting enemy.

I'm also very pleased that they didn't at any point gimp your characters. For instance, there's no point where they say, "OK, you can't use the Knight during this section," or, "Mage only during this part!" You're free to tackle obstacles as you see fit whenever you want.

However, the final boss was the most disappointing that I've ever seen. The game gears you up for an amazing conflict, and then...nothing. A great final boss battle would have pushed this game into legendary status. As it is, it's good if a little short.

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