Saturday, August 1, 2009

Digging Out My Wii Number

I'm getting sent a WiiWare game for review. A while ago, I reviewed Trine for the PC and all I had to do to receive my review copy was give my email address to the dev, they sent me a review code and that was it. Ta-daaa.

What was the process for WiiWare? I'll tell you. First, I was told to give them my Friend Code and add their Friend Code. They gave me a 16-digit number to enter. I decided to look for my Friend Code and went into System Settings to see where I could find it. It wasn't there.

So I put in Mario Kart Wii to see if it gave it to me. I had a Friend Code, but it was 12 digits and I could only enter in other 12 digit numbers to add friends. This was certainly suspicious, so I sent a message back saying that I needed their 12-digit number. After a while I realized that other people had 16 digit numbers as well, so where was mine?

You know how I found the code? Was it in Nintendo's help screens? Did they have a handy website? No, I had to open up a YouTube video where it showed me to go into the Wii Message Board (!!!) and open up my "Make A New Message" area (!!!!!) and there I could select Wii-to-Wii messaging where it finally gave me my number and enabled me to enter in their number.

I know people hammer on this system being ridiculous, and I feel like I'm piling on. It's not bad enough that they have Wii codes, but they make them so DIFFICULT to get to.

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