Monday, November 16, 2009

DJ Hero's Sales Tank

Wow.  What bad sales for DJ Hero, but not entirely unexpected.  Of course, Activision claims that it's a "new property" and they always have trouble getting off the ground, but Borderlands is also a new property and TRIPLED the sales of DJ Hero with LESS promotion.  DJ Hero's review scores were even better than Borderlands, and it's still flopping.

What's the lesson here?  First, don't release PS2 versions anymore, as DJ Hero sold about 3000 PS2 versions.  No one is buying new PS2 games.  If someone is still playing their PS2, they're playing old, cheap games for it.

Second, yes, we're coming out of a recession, but we're STILL IN A RECESSION.  Don't release expensive peripherals in the middle of one, okay?  That means you, Tony Hawk Ride.

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