Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's Make A Game! Episode 8: Bug Hunt

So I got through the entire lesson about parallax scrolling and thought I was doing pretty well. Went to run my program, and what did I get?

A blank grey screen. Awesome.

I decided to go back and remove the full-screen code I put in, since it was making things a little difficult and annoying. Plus, I assumed that maybe it was part of the problem. I mean, if the parallax code was meant for a certain window size, I could be completely borking it, right?

I went back and tried to rerun the code and got a completely different error this time pointing to a random variable that I had added as part of the lesson. Awesome. After going back and being SUPER-CAREFUL about how I added all the code, I tried it again.

Still didn't work.

That's when I said, "Screw it." I'm going back a couple of steps, back to before I started experimenting. Now's not the time to experiment, I suppose. I'll give it another shot at the animation lesson and the parallaxing lesson and then we'll proceed onward.

From when I used to make programs, I remember that programming is debugging. For example, you enter in something and expect it to work one way and it works in a slightly different way. You go back and take another look and try and figure out what happened and fix it.

I forgot how ANNOYING it is, though.

On the plus side, I also found a tutorial for platform games, which makes me incredibly happy. Since that's the style of game that I'm planning to make, it should be incredibly useful.

I'm in need of a pump-up. Fortunately, I found this great live version of an LCD Soundsystem song that always gets me going. Here it is.

I can do this.

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