Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Project Moche Episode 2: An Overview

My whole plan in learning programming is to make a few different platform games. I have a roadmap in my head of what I'd like to make in order, but for now I'm only going to focus on the first game.

Project Moche is going to be an open-world Mega Man-style game, like I've mentioned before. I'm going to have eight "Robot Masters," although I'll have to change the name to avoid the wrath of Capcom. I'm going to eliminate bottomless pits because I hate them and they don't make any sense.

I'm not going to go story-crazy, either. That's a really hard decision for me because I really like good stories in games. Right now, though, I'd rather focus on the gameplay and worry about the other stuff next.

The basic idea will be this: You are supposed to infiltrate the fortress of the villain, defeat the bosses, and finally defeat the Big Bad. I'm going to have secrets hidden around the gameworld, like life extenders and upgrades for your equipment.

That's what I know so far. What I don't know is the name of the villain or really anything else about it.

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