Monday, June 24, 2013

NES Replay Hiatus

As of this week, NES Replay is going on hiatus until August 5th. How come? For a couple of reasons.

I've noticed that the quality of my NES Replay output has dropped considerably. I want to fix that.

I've also been focusing on the book recently, and I've had to throw out large chunks of what I was working on because I came up with a much, much better way of doing this. Heck, I might even blow up NES Replay just to do it, it's that good.

So this hiatus will give me time to catch up with the book, as well as build up a nice buffer zone of articles that I can work through. I'll still be posting reviews of other things (like the amazing Animal Crossing: New Leaf).

"I knew you would quit! I knew you would get so far and then stop! I called it!"

No, you didn't. I'm not quitting.

"But a hiatus is just as bad!"

Look, would you rather have low-quality rushed stuff, or higher-quality work that's been refined? I know what I would like.

So anyway, on August 5th we'll return with Baby Boomer, which is awful, then the week after work through Back to the Future, which is awful, then do Back to the Future 2 & 3, which is awful, the week after.

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