Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Metroid Prime Is Really Good

So I've finally found a game for the Gamecube that enjoy immensely. Metroid Prime is incredible.

I have always loved Metroid games. Something about them gets me every time. However, I hate first-person games on consoles, so I just picked this up for $5.99. I wasn't expecting much.

Boy, was I wrong. Intuitive controls, and a feeling like you're actually inside the suit makes this incredible. Like when you walk up to a flaming spout and condensation appears on your mask, making it difficult to see? Awesome.

When you stand really close to a wall and fire a shot and you see your eyes reflected in your visor? Incredible.

Who knows if my love affair will continue. It might, it might not. But boy, am I enjoying the ride.

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