Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

No more Terry Stotts! Wooo!

Why am I so excited about this? Stotts has never been a good coach anywhere he goes. If you'll remember, this was not a Larry Harris hire. This was a Herb Kohl thing. Kohl was nuts about Stotts, but I think Harris pulled the trigger on the firing.

I mean, look at the team that Stotts had this year. It was deep. It was talented. Villanueva is good. Andrew Bogut is good, borderline great. We all know how good Michael Redd is. Sure there were injuries. Harris was still trying to get it done, picking up Earl Boykins to give the team a spark, and Stotts was giving them nothing. Absolutely nothing.

I'm interested to see what direction this team goes in. If Larry Krystkowiak doesn't work out, I think you have to dump Larry Harris, sorry to say. His personnel moves have been great (yes, I agree with the Magloire trade and the Simmons signing).

I need to come up with a name for Krystkowiak. Any takers?

So, Pete Rose admits he bet every day, every game, 24/7. Congratulations for him. This is a big moment, I'm sure.

I know what he's trying to do. He's trying to say that he didn't affect the outcome of games because he was always betting that his boys would win. He thinks this makes him look better. It doesn't.

Especially after all the lies he's told, how can we believe this one? He's not making it into the Hall Of Fame, not now, not ever. Stay away from baseball, Pete.


This is from

Take a look at the picture of Kevin Mench. Really encouraging there. Nothing like looking like a total ape for a photo shoot.


That's it for today! Stay tuned tomorrow for my Friday Free Agency Frap-Up.

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