Monday, June 4, 2012

It's E3 Time! How Will Nintendo Do?

E3 is upon us, and it's like Christmas in June for gamers. For Nintendo fans, we have extra reason to be excited.

Nintendo is slowly pulling back the curtain on the Wii U, and what's out there so far looks interesting. Nintendo is primed to have a great E3 if we get answers to a few pressing questions.
  • What will Nintendo price the Wii U at?
If it's priced at $399, it's going to be in trouble. If it's $299, that's great, but will it be enough for Nintendo to turn a profit?
  • What's Retro working on?
Retro is apparently working on a big new project for the Wii U. There were rumors of it being a StarFox/Metroid mashup, but those seem to be quashed. So what are they doing over there?
  • What games will the Wii U launch with?
Will it be an awful launch library like the 3DS? That nearly killed the 3DS in the cradle, and Nintendo can't afford another near-miss like that.

Hey, speaking of the 3DS:
  • What games are on the horizon?
We know that Smash Bros. and New Super Mario Bros. 2 are certain, but what else is on the way? A new Zelda? A new Pokemon (besides Black & White 2)? A totally new IP?
  • What's up with the redesign?
There are rumors about a 3DS redesign. It's not a smaller version, but a bigger one, like the DSiXL. Um... why? Anything else this thing does, or is it just bigger? Because if it's just bigger, that's weird.
  • What's happening to the Wii and DS?
They're obviously going to send the Wii and DS to the big spike pit in the sky, but are Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story set to be the last great games for the Wii? Is Pokemon Black & White 2 set to be the DS' last hurrah, or is there more coming?

How Nintendo does this E3 will depend entirely on the answers to these questions. For my money, here are my answers:
  1. $299
  2. StarFox for Wii U
  3. A LOT, including Pikmin 3 and New Super Mario Bros. Mii
  4. A new Zelda and a new Metroid, as well as a new IP
  5. It's stupid
  6. One more big game for the DS, nothing more for the Wii
We'll see if I'm right in a few days.

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