Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Nintendo @ E3 2012: Snap Judgments

After seeing the hardware demonstration from Nintendo, here are some quick takes on it.

1) Nintendo did everything they needed to in the hardware portion of their conference.

The problem among most gamers was "How will the tablet work well with games? Am I going to have to swing it around?" Those questions have been answered. The Wii U has been demonstrated clearly and openly, so it should totally make sense now.

2) You can use two tablet controllers.

Finally, the question everyone wanted answered has been answered. Frankly, if it would have been one tablet, I would have been mad.

3) Still no price or release date.


4) Will Nintendo filter comments on New Super Mario Bros U?

If I'm playing New Super Mario Bros U and I see comments pop up about the game, will I see profanity? Crudely drawn penises using ASCII text? Or will Nintendo filter those for content? Sounds like a huge job for them.

5) Scribblenauts Unlimited is a great idea for the Wii U.

Scribblenauts is the kind of game that would be great for collaboration, and the Wii U is just the perfect place for it. The tablet controller will make it easy to use too. Maybe we'll see a Drawn to Life too.

6) The "theme park" game is so-so.

It's called NintendoLand, and I'm not so sure about it. Maybe once more people try it out they'll be able to say if it's any good.

That's all for now.

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